New stand and other stuff….

My project that I was planning for a while now starts to get a final form.
At least the stand is there with the controller and the laptop.
I was working on fixing the cables and making a special splitter cable, too.

I did the video and after that the radio streaming from this new place
and it was really good feeling with the height of the table and everything.

Now some tweaking is needed and it’s gonna be a really good place.


Live video streaming and internet radio on 25th Aug

On 25th August it’s gonna be 2 hours mixing session and you can follow it first on live streamed video and after that on internet radio.
To start with 9pm CEST I’m gonna have 1 hour live video streaming till 10pm on
From 10pm CEST you can follow me for another hour live mixing on Richidance FM.
It’s not the same dj set so if you want to listen some good house and trance music you can join me for both shows.
All mixed live, no pre-recorded or automated show!