Weekend is over it’s both good and bad….

So this weekend is over now.
Honestly it was a very-very good experience. I had 4 really cool shows and done some new things (at least for me) during this shows.
For example an 8 mins long live mashup.
Both shows on Sunday were “start the first track and mix on whatever you feel for it at the moment” and both turned out to be really
good ones.

As it looks like the next weekend gonna be pretty much the same schedule.
I’m gonna put up the timers later.

Thanks everyone who joined any of my shows and I hope you had good time.

Ps: I still have to fix the recording of SNWU ep7 and publish it….gonna fix it later tonight if I dont fall asleep.
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Saturday, September 8th

I’m gonna start the evening with Saturday Night Warm Up ep6 from 9pm CEST with live video streaming.

From 10pm CEST I’m gonna have Saturday Night Warm Up ep4 live session on Richidance FM.

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1st of September Saturday Night Warm Up

On 1st of September it’s time for Saturday Night Warm Up.
First it’s gonna be ep5 on mydjtube.com in form of live video streaming 9-10pm CEST.
10-11pm CEST it’s gonna be ep3 on http://richidancefm.webnode.com/ web radio.

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Live video streaming and internet radio on 25th Aug

On 25th August it’s gonna be 2 hours mixing session and you can follow it first on live streamed video and after that on internet radio.
To start with 9pm CEST I’m gonna have 1 hour live video streaming till 10pm on mydjtube.com.
From 10pm CEST you can follow me for another hour live mixing on Richidance FM.
It’s not the same dj set so if you want to listen some good house and trance music you can join me for both shows.
All mixed live, no pre-recorded or automated show!