Saturday Night Warm Up ep12

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Quite? WHY?

It has been quite in the past weeks, I have to admit that.
Honestly everything were going good, tho at the same time I was a bit lazy with uploading SNWU12 and now 13.
I actually need to re-record it as I managed to delete the folder that contained those files last weekend.
Which takes me to the irritating part of Traktor update 2.6 bailed out on me and I had to roll back to 2.5.1…..
the next day my USB hub bailed out on me and decided that 1 of the 4 ports gonna die….ofc the one there I had my sound card
connected and all this right before I was supposed to go live for a web radio show.
You can guess the fun.
Anyway everything should be back on track now!
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